Robert Kuok A Memoir by Andrew Tanzer

Robert Kuok A Memoir

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Robert Kuok A Memoir Andrew Tanzer ebook
Page: 376
Publisher: John Beaufoy Publishing
ISBN: 9789814189736
Format: pdf

Legendary overseas Chinese entrepreneurs ─ ─ Kuok Hok Nien, for the first time in person to tell the most real story! Not only are these unsung heroes hungry, eager and willing to 'eat bitterness' – they have cultural strength in the marrow of their bones. By Robert Kuok & Andrew Tanzer. In his pursuit of wealth, he has never strayed from the path of virtue. AT last, at the age of 94, the venerated Robert Kuok, Malaysia's richest tycoon, tells his life story and what a wonderfully written memoir it is: full of exciting insights on how he built his conglomerate from scratch and his dealings with businessmen, government leaders and other colourful characters. Buy Robert Kuok: A Memoir by Robert Kuok, Andrew Tanzer (ISBN: 9789814189736) from Amazon's Book Store. This title can be found at the following Times bookstores: CENTREPOINT. Although topping Forbes Malaysia Rich List, the Kuok family keeps a relatively low profile. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. In the fourth extract of Robert Kuok's memoir, he considers Chinese immigrants. But this legendary Overseas Chinese entrepreneur, commodities trader, hotelier and property mogul has maintained a low profile and seldom shed light in public on his business empire or personal life. Prices (including delivery) for Robert Kuok: A Memoir by Robert Kuok range from $42.04 at Wordery up to $77.00. Robert Kuok is known for his countless virtues rather than his wealth. (Second Pre-order) ROBERT KUOK – A Memoir (Simplified Chinese) – 郭鹤年 自传(简体)(ETA 28th February 2018). AUTHOR BY ROBERT KOUK & ANDREW TANZER. It's a good memoir and it contains plenty of lessons for many people, young and old, in many fields and not just in business. Robert Kuok is one of the most highly respected businessmen in Asia.

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